Berryman Products

Berryman Products has been in business for over 100 years, with the same high quality standards the automotive industry has come to rely on. Our expertly-crafted auto care products set us apart from the competition and keep your vehicle running at optimum performance.

Your vehicle deserves only the best. 

Plain and simple, best stuff I’ve found. Best price hands down. Outperforms all others I’ve tried. Value can’t be beat. Never let me down. Never disappoints. Personally used it in over 20 cars, many repeatedly , with no adverse effects /damage to the vehicle. Great stuff. No B.S. Money well spent! Glad its going strong and is available in more places than ever, still for a hell of a price. Thanks Berryman again!

Tony T
B-12 Chemtool Injector Cleaner

I noticed sluggishness at cruising speed. I figured it was bad gas or something, so I replaced the spark plugs, plug wires, air and fuel filters. Nothing worked. I saw your ad about H.E.S.T. test and bought your injector cleaner. It’s been two days and the car hasn’t hesitated and drives better than ever.

Kevin M
B-12 Chemtool Carb Cleaner

There was 30 products to choose from at my auto parts store. I decided to get Berryman’s because it was the only one in a metal can. I figured if it needs a metal can to contain it, it must be strong. I recommend to everyone and everyone has called me back to say thank you.  

B-12 Chemtool Injector Cleaner